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Missy Elliot f. Nicole Wray and Big Boi:: All in my Grill

Finals are over, that's the good news. The ungreat news is that I kinda can't find my calculator and I still have a final American Lit assignment left. Aaah. No homework left after that.

But the beautiful news is...I'M GOING TO EASTERN EUROPE NEXT SUMMER! Yessss, a group of 18 students are going to Germany, Poland and Czech Republic to look at concentration camps. The only damper is that there are a lot of future sophomores going. Not that I hate them, but, ew. Nobody likes that many lowerclassmen tagging along.

Nonetheless. Quite exciting.

Heena's coming in 22 DAYS, OH MY GOD!

I went to B_______'s sweet 16 on Friday. It was fun. She invited a crapload of people to school, but not many came, which was unfortunate. Oh well. They missed out.

B_____ introduced me to Green Tea ice cream that same day. Heaven.

On field day I dunked Mr. N_____ twice. Score.

I don't even want to think about how much I'll miss him.

I'm on some kind of 90s notalgia jag. On the way, I found these great covers: The Gossip's of "Are You That Somebody" and Peggy Sue's off "All in My Grill". Good shit.

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